Superfood greens from a farm that cares

Our microgreens are highly nutritious, grown sustainably,  freshly harvested and beautiful on a plate.

Things we value

Why Woodford?


Microgreens are packed with
more nutrients, vitamins,
minerals, antioxidants and other
good stuff than their ‘mature

Locally grown,
freshly harvested

Grown on 80 acres of lush
south-east Queensland
farmland. We’re all about
keeping things local,
seasonal and fresh.

Sustainable and

We’re passionate about being
a sustainable farming
alternative. Our footprint is
minimal and our impact is
low. Eat better.


Our Greens


Mild and slightly sweet in flavour, packed with good beta carotene.

Why microgreens?

Microgreens are more than just ‘vegetable confetti’. These greens are highly nutritious superfoods that come in a wide array of colours, textures, tastes and benefits. Ours are also freshly harvested and sustainably grown!

  • Aromatic and delicious
  • High vitamin, mineral count
  • Sustainable alternative
  • Fresh and seasonal
  • Super antioxidants

– Tayla

Love adding pea greens to my
salads everyday!

– Kelly

The colours really bring my
dishes to life.

– Mark

Really impressed with the
farming setup.

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How to

cook with microgreens

Microgreens 101

What are microgreens and why do we love them? We’ve given you the nutrient run down on the blog. Get up to speed!

Microgreens Pesto

Pesto pasta? Make it with microgreens and basil! Just add your choice of greens and you've got deliciousness!

Pea Shoot Smoothie

A delicious mixed berry and pea shoot smoothie recipe! Our go-to on hot days. You could even add a little protein and nut butter to take it to the next level.